About Us

Evan and Josh standing on street in front of storefronts

Abundance started with a farmer, a chef, and the crazy notion that soup could be made with fresh, local ingredients so everyone would have convenient access to delicious, local foods. So we set to work and cooked up the best carrot soup we knew how to make. It’s velvety smooth with the taste of hearty carrots and just a snap of ginger.

Now that we have the soup, it’s time to bring it to small restaurants, cafes, schools, farmers markets, and grocery stores, which is where you’ll find it today. Our commitment to local farms and superior taste is what sets us apart, giving you easier access to local food and the knowledge that your dollars are helping support local farms.

Abundance is committed to the belief that local food is for everyone, so we donate a portion of every production run to local charities.

The Farmer:

Josh Jennings, CFO (Chief Farming Officer)

Meadow’s Mirth Farm

Three River Farmers’ Alliance

The Chef:

Evan Mallett CCO (Chief Chef Officer)

Black Trumpet Bistro
Ondine Oyster + Wine Bar
stock + spice

Black Trumpet: A Chef’s Journey Through Eight New England Seasons

Both Evan and Josh have served on different non-profit boards of directors supporting local food and farms.